Different Architecture Between Western And European Buildings


I studied architecture in school and have a huge passion for buildings and structures. I’m from Europe and just recently moved to North America to do more school. Recently, I’ve noticed there are many big differences between the building structures in Europe versus the ones in North America. Obviously I have seen more in Europe than in North America. Eventually, I would like to make my way around North American to view all the different architecture in each place.

The biggest difference I’ve realized is the historic buildings versus contemporary. There are huge sky scrapers in North America ranging anywhere from 20 floors to over 80. In Europe, there are very few buildings that are as high as the buildings here. It is incredible to stand in any street in Manhattan and just look up to the sky. All you see are these extremely tall, beautiful buildings that reflect light with all the glass. North America also has very interesting architecture that is extremely modern and spectacular. I viewed a building last week that was made completely out of glass and it was on a tilt. Although there are interesting pieces in Europe as well, buildings are much older and traditional in style and setting. There are obvious differences in style and architecture between the two continents, and I thoroughly enjoy learning about both styles.